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Due to cooperation with us you will be able to strengthen your business and as a future employee you will gain employment, support and stability in a dynamic job market. We are good communicators and we constantly monitor changes in political landscape. We are flexible, and base our work only on precise information from up-to-date reliable reports. Are you looking for employment in Poland? Do you need new employees? Let us know and see what Expander Work can do for you.

Finding reliable employees often requires a lot of time and effort, which is why we created Expander Work: to match competent people with trustworthy employers. We provide employment services, employee leasing, payroll and HR services as well as support on every step of the employment process. We know how crucial is employment continuity to any company, which is why we support business and stable company growth with our recruitment services. Our agency connects companies with foreign employees, which allows effective human resources management, which is a crucial part of production process these days. We are the answer for the growing demand of production staff in various fields and areas. We deliver and adjust the number of candidates and their skills, and support you in managing foreign workers in your company.

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We are an employment agency, cooperating with employees and contractors. We search for and employ foreigners for production, warehousing and animal husbandry jobs. We have various job offers for foreigners and provide employee leasing to companies. On top of it all, we have modern cleaning equipment – more about which you can find in the “cleaning services” tag.

As an employee, you need reliable staff who will fulfill your needs and expectations. With Expander Work finding such people is simple and efficient. You will reduce recruitment costs and gain access to wide database of potential candidates.

You will gain fully legal and skills-appropriate employment. We help non-Polish citizens find employment in Poland, which is why we take care of all the documentation for each phase of legalizing your employment.

You can reach us via contact form on our website. Click on the contact tab and send us an email, which you can also do via the email address. Do you need support in the recruitment process? We will happily meet with you in our office.

First step is a conversation with the client. Later we sign a contract, recruit and hire employees for particular positions. Please take a look in the „For employers” tab and read more about how we work.

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Are you looking for a job in Poland? Check out our latest job offers, email us your resume and our recruiters will take care of the rest: they will find the best offer of a job fitting your needs and skills.

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Would you like to hire foreign workers or look for foolproof results? We will help you find best candidates for particular positions. Click „check” and learn more.

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